About us

What do we offer?

A professional catering service offering over 70 types of original home cuisine dishes from different countries of the world.
All the dishes are prepared by women migrants who have come to the Czech Republic in search for a new home. Each of them prepare dishes according to home recipes, thus giving the dishes an authentic and unique flavour.

What do we do?

We cater for events up to 1000 persons (conferences, weddings, banquets, private parties etc.)
Our quality food is made completely with fresh ingredients, and at request, we are able to provide a wholly vegetarian/vegan, organic or gluten-free menu. We also serve excellent Georgian wines and hot beverages (coffee, tea) from our fair trade suppliers.

Ethnocatering is a social enterprise of the Civic Association InBazeBerkat, which presents an opportunity for supporting the corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy. Women migrants, who are disadvantaged on the local labour market, obtain a respectable job whilst using their traditional skills in a way that helps them to integrate into Czech society. All profits derived from the Ethnocatering projects are further invested into integration programmes of the Civic Association.
Throughout the 5 years of existence, we have provided our services to the complete satisfaction of companies and organizations such as: Embassies, Banks, Mobile Phone Operators and many others.